FTM™, short for Fault Tree Maintenance™, has rapidly captured the attention of many leading industries around the world. This comprehensive CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software solution enhances profitability of your business through helping you achieve Total Plant Reliability. 

FTM™ offers you world class asset management practices such as Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), Condition Monitoring (CM), and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) to achieve Total Plant Reliability. 







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"We have been using FTM™ for the last 3 years. It has been very useful in analyzing Machine Breakdown problems and Preventive Maintenance."

              Divisional Manager
              MICO Bosch
FTM™ is a world class CMMS software package for a variety of industries. It has evolved over the past 5 years to become a robust application which can be adapted to a wide range of Engineering and Process Industries. 

FTM™ focuses on several important areas:

  • Plant Technical Database
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Documentation Flow
  • Resource Management
  • Extensive Decision Support Capabilities

FTM™ helps you to streamline the following activities:

  • Breakdowns:
    Covers information on the timings, Fault and Causes, Complaint, Type of the Job, such as Normal, Accidental,and Opportunity Maintenance, Corrective Actions taken, Delay reasons, Attended by, Spares consumed and Spares recycled, and other relevant information.
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM):
    A simple comprehensive, and configurable Module, helps you define - your own types and categories of PM, list out the various Checklist Activities, PM Schedule generation, facility to re-schedule your PM's, easy to tune the Checklist as per the problems being faced, helps in building a Continuous Improvement Process.
  • Routine Maintenance Jobs:
    Any job which consumes your resources, might be on a Machine or anywhere in the plant, such as Painting, Routine Maintenance Activities, Lubrication, and other activities not specifically classified under Breakdowns or PM.
  • Instrument and Gauge Calibration:
    You can list all the Instruments required for Calibration, and can prepare your own calibration Checklists on the lines of Preventive Maintenance activities. Generates schedules, maintains the status and thus helps in follow up.
  • Repairs Shop Management:
    Generally every maintenance department has its own repairs shop where they perform repair activities on the spares and assemblies or sub-assemblies. This could be done inside the plant or given to an outside agency. Activity planning, work done and cost of repairs is also maintained.
  • Online Job Request Management:
    This helps the Production personnel to generate the Work Requisition online directly into FTM™. This will enable to make the flow of information and work more streamlined. A user will also be able to see the Pending and Completed jobs related to his department on his screen.
  • Machine Reconditioning and Modification:
    Planning a Reconditioning and Modification, Scheduling the same and then maintaining execution details can be accomplished in FTM™.
  • Condition Monitoring:
    The best way to be Proactive is to monitor the health of the Plant and Machinery by monitoring sensitive parameters that indicate their health. The Condition Monitoring Module in FTM™ enables you to evolve a practical Predictive Maintenance system for your plant, based on the past fault data and present plant health.
  • Utility Equipment Management:
    Any Plant Engineering and Maintenance department is incomplete without the management of Utility equipment such as the Generators, Electrical Feeders or Sub Stations, Compressors, Boilers, and other such equipment. FTM™ helps in centralizing the information of these equipments, thus enabling you to effectively monitor and maintain their records.
  • Manpower Scheduling:
    FTM™ helps you to plan your monthly shift allocation and scheduling so as to effectively be available when required for the Plant. You can define various Maintenance Groups or Plant Departments and the personnel working under them.
  • Spares Management:
    FTM™ can also be linked to a comprehensive Inventory system for the Maintenance department, in case you are maintaining your own Stores. Covers all the related activities and provides inventory control reporting for effective management. As per the requirement, the system can also cover Indenting and Purchase to make it into a complete Management System for Indirect Materials.
  • Department Administration:
    All other departmental activities, such as Cash purchases, Conveyance, Travel, Contractor Work Order Management, Returnable Delivery Vouchers, and all other such non-technical activities are covered under this module.


  • Your Knowledge Base:
    Provides a Centralized Knowledge Based System to your Organization
  • Stronger Systems:
    Sets Key Performance Indicators for your Assets and Resources
  • Simplified Workflow:
    Eases the management of unplanned Work Requests, by improving your Work Flow and Documents flow, especially during Emergencies and ISO/QS Audits
  • Proactive Approach:
    Helps you organize dynamic Preventive Maintenance Schedules offering a Responsive or Condition Based Maintenance rather than a Reactive one
  • Spares Availability:
    Minimizes the use of consumables and spares, to offer you more control on critical spares and their availability
  • Healthy Plant:
    Helps you in timely maintenance of these Assets, to achieve 100% availability when required
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    Plays a key role in your Process for Continuous Improvement, in achieving Overall Equipment Effectiveness and unhindered Quality Production.


"With the help of FTM™ we have been able to keep a close watch on key indicators like downtime and frequency of various important Production facilities. This has also won us the "Exceed Expectations" award for 1999"
  Chief of Mechanical Maint.
 The Indian Seamless Metal
                       Tubes Ltd.

"... earlier we were maintaining the machine history of each machine in one notebook, and analysis of a group of similar machines was very difficult. Whereas with FTM™, it is very easy and simple. It integrates all the various activities of Maintenance quite well..."
              Chief Engineer
              SRMT Ltd.
The main modules are classified under various groups depending upon the functionality:
  • Entire Technical Database of the Plant covering all Assets
  • Machine Breakdown Maintenance
  • Dynamic Preventive Maintenance
  • Instrument and Gauge Calibration
  • Machine Reconditioning and Modification
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance Jobs
  • Spare Repairs Activity
  • Utility Monitoring and Management, such as Electrical Feeders, Diesel Generator Sets, etc.
  • Condition Monitoring that can eventually lead to a practical Predictive Maintenance system
  • Material Accounting and Inventory Management
  • Purchase Module
  • Work Order & Request Monitoring
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts & Opportunity Maintenance
  • Effective M.I.S. for effective Decision-Making. Reports can be exported to popular formats and also emailed directly through the system


When you realize that your maintenance budget can account for 8 to 15% of your operating costs, you can see how FTM™ can stretch every budgeted penny to the maximum. You know how important cost is as a catalyst to bring about better business practices. FTM™ enables you to achieve the best Asset Management Practices to boost plant reliability, economy and efficiency. FTM™ focuses the limelight on profit through maintenance activities.

As an example, say the percentage of your machine downtime costs per year is around 2%. By using FTM™, if you reduce the downtime by even 0.5%, that translates into a 0.5% increase in production. This increase in profitability itself more than pays for the cost of FTM™ in the first year. Factor in all the other time you save in decision making, reporting and tasks related to maintenance, and you will see that the picture starts looking very good indeed!


Are you excited about the prospects of using FTM™ for your company? Wait no more. Fill in this form to give us more information about what exactly your needs are, and we will be glad to assist you in improving the productivity of your company.

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